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Brick Company History: 1895 - Reorganization & Investment Capital

In August of 1895, stockholders of the Diebold Fire Brick Company incorporated the Canton Pressed Brick Company as the successor company to the Diebold Fire & Brick Company.

Officers of the new company: Henry S. Belden, President; C.J. Diebold, Vice President; James G. Barbour, Secretary/Treasurer; S.J. Allen, Superintendent. The first annual meeting of the Canton Pressed Brick Company was held in 1896. Henry Belden worked hard to organize the company and to equip their plant for the kind of brick that he knew how to make. He was determined to hold on to what he had. The Company’s affairs were not stable.

What the Canton Pressed Brick Company needed was fresh capital to operate their plant. In 1904 when Paul Belden, Henry’s youngest son, heard about his father’s financial troubles he immediately returned to Canton. His friend, P.D. Hardy went along to see if his own business experience might be helpful. They arrived in Canton in 1904 and began to pick up the ruins of the Canton Pressed Brick Company. Paul Belden would clearly learn that the company needed operating capital.

Pictured below from left to right :: Top Row :: Henry Belden, L.B. Hartung, Paul w. Hartung, Sr., Paul Belden, Sr., Paul Belden, Jr., William H. Belden, Sr., Paul w. Hartung, Jr., Richard Belden, Bottom Row :: John Belden, William H. Belden, Jr., Robert f. Belden, Brian Belden, Robert T. Belden, Bradley H. Belden, Julia Belden