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Brick Company History: 1920 - Modernization & the War Years

After Henry’s death, W.W. Irwin sold all of his stock in the company. This left two vacancies on the Board of Directors. On July 28, 1920, L.B. Hartung was elected President of the company and B.C. Holwick was made Vice President.

At the close of World War I, the Belden management started an aggressive program to modernize their plants for increased production. They now owned plants at Canton, Somerset and Uhrichsville, Ohio. They also held the controlling interest in Belden Face Brick Company at Port Washington. With these four plants they hoped to capture a good share of the postwar market for building brick. As the company continued to expand its facilities, production rose steadily.

Management still looked to broaden their product line. Belden Floor Brick was one of the products they decided to promote and it was very successful. Their most successful product born of the depression was Belden Acid Proof Brick. The shale at the Somerset plant was ideally suited for making an acid proof brick of high quality and acid brick soon became a favorite of the industry.

Belden Brick Corporate Office, Tuscarawas and High Street Canton, Ohio 1922