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The ISO 14000 Series

The ISO 14000 Series was developed in 1996 by the International Organization for Standardization , with continuous improvement as the fundamental principle of the standard. The ISO 14001 Standard is utilized in over 150 countries to aid in environmental management. ISO 14001 specifies requirements for an environmental management system to enable an organization to develop and implement a policy and objectives which take into account legal requirements and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, and information about significant environmental aspects. It applies to those environmental aspects that the organization identifies as those which it can control and those which it can influence. It does not itself state specific environmental performance criteria.

As an environmental steward, Belden Brick has developed and implemented this as its environmental management system. This is a tool used to aid in pollution prevention, maintain compliance to current regulations, demonstrate sustainability and social responsibility, and reduce our impact on the environment.

Belden has also developed and implemented an Environmental Policy Manual, Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions for all critical actions that have the potential to impact the environment.

Environmental Policy
LEED Program
Health & Safety Policy