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Interactive Masonry Designer

Custom Brick Design

Choose the color of brick from the side tool bar shown here. The brick option will be highlighted when it is selected in the Interactive Masonry Designer.

Construct and design brick walls for your residential or commercial building with the Interactive Masonry Designer. Use this tool to design custom brick interior walls or perimeter walls.

Once you've installed Masonry Designer, click the "Product" button to choose the brick type. Standard and oversized brick options are available. Then choose the brick color: Red, Pink, Brown, Tan, Buff, Cream, White, Black, or Gray. Select a mortar to match.

The "Standard Coursing" button can be changed to "Soldier Coursing" or "Headers". Choose from three types of build patterns: stack, running, or third. To make a combination of multiple colors, sizes, and builds, simply click directly on the bricks. Click on a single brick to change one at a time, or right click to change an entire row.

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Click on "Install" to download the brick paver designer program. Then click "Allow", "Install", and "Finish". Downloading the program should only take a few moments.

Program Size - 1.84 KB
Compatible with: Windows