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Brick Paver Designer

Brick Paver Design

Combine as many colors, shapes, and builds as you want to create your ideal brick paver design.

Brick Paver Designer is an interactive program designed to give a preview of the different colors and patterns available from Belden Brick. Custom design your project to visualize a garden path, patio area, indoor floor, or even a street. Choose multiple colors and shapes to plan out your residential or commercial project.

Once you've installed Paver Designer, scroll down the list on the left to choose a paver color. The button at the top "Standard Coursing" can be changed to "Soldier Coursing" or "Headers". Use these to change the position and size of the bricks. Also on the top are three buttons: build stack, build running, and build third. Click on these buttons to set the overall brick paver design. Click on single bricks to change them to another brick type, or right-click to change the entire row.

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Click on "Install" to download the brick paver designer program. Then click "Allow", "Install", and "Finish". Downloading the program should only take a few moments.

Program Size - 919 KB
Compatible with: Windows