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Management System Standards

Our commitment to quality, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction.

Ever since Henry S. Belden first developed his successful process for brickmaking, we have built our business on the conviction that to have long-term success, we must comply with all applicable legal requirements while ensuring our activities are sustainable and create value for society. Our actions and products should make a positive difference to you and the community while contributing to The Belden Brick Company's ongoing success.
The Belden Brick Company Standards

Commitment to Quality

We've built a reputation for providing the highest-quality building products that contribute to our customers' and communities' structural integrity and outstanding appearance. Understanding that quality raw materials are essential to extraordinary brickmaking, our plants are in a region rich with natural resources. Our mining operations deliver an abundant supply of the finest shales and clays to each of our manufacturing plants. The superior quality of these raw materials leads to the structural integrity and outstanding appearance of our line of world-class architectural brick. But it doesn't stop there; The Belden Brick Company consistently focuses on meeting your requirements and enhancing satisfaction. We measure every possible business activity, including order entries, manufacturing, testing, packaging, shipping, and so much more for continuous quality improvement.

Pre-Blended for Immediate Use

Make the color selection and installation process more manageable by choosing pre-blended bricks. While providing a vital inspection step, our unique process also provides the best possible color blend for installation. Your contractor can pull brick from one package at a time and not have to worry about color concentrations in the wall. You will also be able to order precisely the right amount of brick needed without worrying about having multiple, half-used packages leftover.

The result is a finished product with consistent color and pattern, without unintended color blocks or other deviations from your chosen sample.

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The Belden Brick Company Standards

Continuous Improvement

Expanding brick's creative versatility while maintaining the material's traditional strengths is something in which we pride ourselves. We continue to meet the changing needs of the construction market by manufacturing over 20 different face brick and clay paver sizes, more than 500 colors, 13 different textures, and endless designs of special shapes. At The Belden Brick Company, we reinvest in our facilities and keep up with information technology advances that make our people and machinery more productive. We are maneuvering through and responding to new contexts while maintaining our core values and traditions.

The Belden Brick Company Standards
The Belden Brick Company Standards

Environmental Policy

As environmental stewards, The Belden Brick Company takes care of the environment and communities where we operate. We adhere to local regulations and seek to go further to minimize any impact on the environment. Our Environmental Management System helps us achieve environmental goals, limit our impact, and protect the long-term health of our local communities. Through the consistent review, evaluation, and improvement of our environmental performance, we continue creating, designing, and locally crafting high-quality products while also working with other stakeholders to improve the state of the world.

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The Belden Brick Company Standards

Customer Satisfaction

Our tradition of excellence starts “from the ground up.” From selecting the brick to the delivery of the product, The Belden Brick Company strives to be The Standard of Comparison in the brick industry and maintain a strong commitment towards exceptional quality and premium service. While many other manufacturers will specialize in a limited number of products, we work more on an individual job-by-job basis and establish our production under each job's requirements. We've got an experienced team of production specialists and a team that helps us offer building solutions that many other manufacturers don't provide.

More than 500 Colors

We have an unparalleled choice of colors, sizes, textures, and shapes at the ready; we also design and produce brick customized to your needs. Get creative with materials and brickwork patterns to make your design even more personal – taking concepts from your mind to the mason's hands.

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