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Dedication and Performance

Our vision is to deliver the highest-quality shales and clays that contribute to our customers' and communities' structural integrity and outstanding appearance.

The Standard of Comparison Since 1885

Who We Are

The Belden Brick Company, a long-standing pillar in the brick industry, is the largest family-owned brick manufacturer in the United States. Built on the principles of integrity, community, quality, and service, our company upholds the traditions set forth by our early leaders, Henry S. Belden and Paul Belden, Sr. Although we have expanded a lot since 1885, growth has been organic, and we’re still an independent company with a small, passionate team. The core of our vision and success are our craftsmen in Sugarcreek, Ohio, home to a highly-skilled brickmaking community that has been upholding tradition since the 19th century.

In 1914, the company expanded from Canton into Tuscarawas County when the Belden Face Brick Company, a personal venture of Henry S. Belden and later owned by The Belden Brick Company, was started. In 1946, Sugarcreek's first venture occurred when the Finzer Brothers Clay Company agreed to sell its operations to The Belden Brick Company. Today, The Belden Brick Company owns and operates five brick-making plants and one thin brick sawing facility, employs approximately 500 people, and has an annual production capacity of over 200 million standard brick equivalents. Also, an expansion of our family brand is two brick distributorships, Belden Tri-State Building Materials based in New York and Belden Brick Sales in Michigan.


The Belden Brick Company is a fifth-generation business in the heart of the Midwest, leading the industry as the country’s largest family-owned and managed brick company. Offering a unique blend of manufacturing capabilities and bringing modern technology together with our heritage of quality craftsmanship and a gritty, do-it-right attitude.

Family involvement and commitment have been the backbone of our longevity. With a foundation over a century in the making, an exciting new era of modernization begins as we continue to pioneer innovation in the art of brickmaking for architects, builders, and homeowners. We’ve built a reputation for providing the highest-quality building products that contribute to our customers' and communities' structural integrity and outstanding appearance. The Belden Brick Company continues to meet the construction market's changing needs by creating a diversified line of brick products in a wide array of colors, sizes, textures, and special architectural shapes. Each brick becomes part of a legacy that has set The Standard of Comparison since 1885. Learn more about The Belden Brick Company’s Management System Standards.

Robert Belden
Robert F. Belden
Chairman, CEO
Brad Belden
Bradley H. Belden
Brian Belden
Brian Belden
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Robert Belden
Robert T. Belden
Vice President of Operations
John Belden
John Streb
Corporate Compliance Manager

Brand Evolution

As our manufacturing capabilities have evolved, so has our logo.

Brand Evolution

Our Locations

We have five full-service manufacturing plants in Sugarcreek and a corporate office in Canton.

Our History

A legacy of outstanding performance.

The storied history of The Belden Brick Company is one of American entrepreneurship, invention and innovation, and a family’s unyielding dedication to excellence in the art of brick making.

Our company’s story officially begins in 1885 when our founder, Henry S. Belden, organized the Diebold Fire Brick Company on the Belden farm. Henry was born in Canton, Ohio, on July 4th, 1840, Judge G.W. Belden's son.

In 1876 Henry Belden became inspired to make paving and fire brick after seeing the original stiff mud brick-making machine at the Centennial Fair in Philadelphia. Henry’s paving brick was the first known use of paving brick in the city of Canton. Brick pavements then spread quickly throughout the county and state.

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Careers at Belden Brick

Join the most prominent family-owned brick manufacturer in the United States. View current information on job openings and career opportunities.

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