Belden Brick

Erewhon Market

Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA




Thompson Building Materials (Lomita)


661 Smooth

Erewhon Market is a California luxury supermarket chain with growing locations in Los Angeles County. With a focus on community and pure products that protect the health of people and the planet, each store has unique characteristics. Designed and envisioned as pillars of the local neighborhood, Erewhon serves as a contemporary environment offering the highest quality foods and products possible so its customers can lead the best possible lives.


Erewhon Market’s Silver Lake location, designed by RDC, occupies the retail level of a newly built multi-level mixed-use property on Santa Monica Boulevard near Sunset Junction. The primary market, kitchen, and warehouse are on the property's west side, while the offices, restrooms, pop-up shop, and produce prep are on the east side.

RDC employed creative problem-solving to determine the appropriate modifications that best accommodated the single-tenant grocery store. To address specific installation needs, they designed the interior layout with custom-made brick, tilework, and wood millwork to simplify the installation process to address specific installation needs. RDC chose The Belden Brick Company’s 661 with its narrow range of dark grays and smooth texture in a custom soldier shape with a single recessed false joint to veneer counter spaces. This creative use of a straightforward and budget-friendly shape provided a giving design with a bold structural composition, elevating the store’s contemporary yet organic feel.

Architect: RDC.
Brick Distributor: Thompson Building Materials (Lomita)
Photography: Carlos R. Hernandez

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