Future of Masonry

At the start of a new year there is always reason for optimism. The masonry industry seems to have weathered the worst of the storm and is starting back on the upswing. Positive growth is on the horizon.

As "going green" becomes a larger part of the industry, The Belden Brick Company looks to continue to be the standard of comparison in sustainable manufacturing.

While masonry has been around for thousands of years, technology keeps gaining a larger foothold in the way we work, everywhere from the manufacturing to sales to the jobsite. The Belden Brick Company is an industry leader in finding ways to use technology to augment our tried and true methods for providing the best product, and the best sales and service.

The industry as a whole may not be out of the woods just yet, but we have every reason for confidence. The Belden Brick Company is committed to the future of the brick industry.