Introducing Premier Brick Sales, LLC


Carmel City Center, Carmel, IN

A joint distribution venture between The Belden Brick Company and Endicott Clay Products Company.

With the brick industry in a time of significant acquisition and escalation of direct distribution networks, two leading brick manufacturers are joining forces to launch a new distribution venture to better serve their customers in select markets.

Premier Brick Sales, LLC, a joint venture between The Belden Brick Company and Endicott Clay Products Company, was formed to invest in distribution subsidiaries that will sell their premier architectural brick.

Initially investing in the Indiana market, Premier Brick Sales, LLC has been capitalized to invest in other locations as opportunities arise. Possessing the integrity, family values, and capital backing of The Belden Brick Company and Endicott Clay Products Company, the joint venture is an exciting opportunity and alternative for other locations and architectural sales representatives.

“In our discussions, it was obvious that both of our US family-owned companies possess the same passion for making the highest quality brick and ensuring the long-term distribution of our products,” said Brad Belden.

“Our two companies approach decision-making with a multigenerational view. Working together as part of this joint venture further aligns our two companies philosophically for the next century as the brick industry continues to evolve,” added Ryan Parker.

For the Indiana market, the new joint venture has partnered with Bill Cochran and Bruce Lyon to form Premier Brick Sales of Indiana, LLC. These professionals have a long history of serving the Indiana market and will hit the ground running. This exciting new joint venture looks forward to its success and offers this same template to other locations and talented individuals across other markets.

Official Press Release