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Cream Bricks


cream Brick Building

Similar to white bricks, cream bricks gives a light, fresh appearance. Cream bricks work equally well in both commercial and residential settings. Lighter colored brick in general offer a different look from more traditional colored brick, making homes both unique and eye-catching. Cream, a beautifully neutral color, goes with almost any color scheme.

We offer five varieties of quality cream bricks, each with a different look and feel. Take a closer look at each one by clicking on the thumbnails below. You can also view homes that we have done in the past. Keep in mind that not all monitors view colors the same, and to ask to see a sample in person before making any decisions.

If you are interested in learning more, or would like to view a sample of our products, please Contact Us.

A SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT BRICK SIZES. Belden nomenclature differs from industry standards on certain or several brick sizes. Namely we use the term Jumbo instead of Engineer and the term Economo where the industry uses Closure.