Cleaning Recommendations

Plant 2 Face Brick

Mod.Product NameUty.
VAdmiral Red Velour
VAdmiral Full Range Velour
SKAshberry Smooth
SKAshberry Velour
VBeacon Gray Smooth
VBeacon Gray Velour
SKBrandywine Velour
SKBlack Diamond Velour
VCanyon Smooth
VCanyon Velour
VCanyon Full Range Sm
Mod.Product NameUty.
VCanyon Full Range Vel
VClaret Smooth
VClaret Velour
VClaret Full Range Sm
VClaret Full Range Vel
101Commodore Smooth
101Commodore Velour
101Commodore Full Rge Sm
101Commodore Full Rge Vel
SKGraphite Black Velour
VIvory Bay
Mod.Product NameUty.
VLighthouse Smooth
VLighthouse Velour
VLandmark Smooth
VLandmark Velour
600Nutmeg Velour
600Nutmeg Full Range Vel
SKRiver Red Velour
SKRum Raisin Velour
VSienna Blend Velour
VTumbleweed Velour
VWheatfield Velour

Plant 3 Face Brick - Molded Antique Colonials

JumboProduct NameMod.
VAlamo Blend
VArctic Clearn/a
600Beechwood Blend
600Bridgeport Blendn/a
VGarnet Blend
JumboProduct NameMod.
VHarbour Mist Blendn/a
VHarbour Mist Clearn/a
VLancaster Blendn/a
VManchester Blend
VPolar Blendn/a
VPolar White Clear
JumboProduct NameMod.
600Queensport Blendn/a
600Rosewood Blend
600Rosewood Clear
600St. Anne Blend
600St. Anne Clear
600Winewood Blend
VYukon Blend

Plant 3 Belcrest Series-Face Brick

Mod.Product Name
600Belcrest 100
600Belcrest 150
600Belcrest 310
600Belcrest 330
600Belcrest 350
600Belcrest 360
600Belcrest 500
600Belcrest 530
Mod.Product Name
600Belcrest 550
600Belcrest 560
VBelcrest 600
VBelcrest 650
600Belcrest 700
600Belcrest 730
600Belcrest 760
VBelcrest Black
Mod.Product Name
VHeritage Blend
VLakeshore Blend
VMeadow Blend
VOld Dutch Colonials
VPrincess Blend
VProvincial Blend
VSaxony Blend

Plant 4 Face Brick

Mod.Product NameUty.
V470-479 Light Rge Ironspot
V470-479 Med. Rge Ironspot
V470-479 Dark Rge Ironspot
VGoldenrod Ironspot Sm
VEbony Black Smooth
VNapier Blend Velour
Mod.Product NameUty.
600Berwick Blendn/a
600Berwick Red Rangen/a
101Burgundy Blendn/a
600Century Redsn/a
101Colony Blendn/a
101Colony Red Rangen/a
101Garden Blendn/a
Mod.Product NameUty.
101Homestead Blendn/a
101Mohawk Blendn/a
VSunburst Blend
VNevada Blend
VMadrid Blend
VHarvest Blend

Plant 4 Romans (Indicate Smooth or Velour)

SMProduct NameVEL
101Red Shale
101Red Flashed
VDark Range Ironspot
VMedium Range Ironspot
VLight Range Ironspot
VEbony Black Ironspot

Plant 6 Face Brick

Mod.Product NameUty.
V461-463 Smooth
V461-463 Velour
V481-483 Smooth
V481-483 Velour
V661 Smooth
V661 Velour
V661 Matt
V671 Smooth
V671 Velour
VAlaska White Dart-tex
VAlaska White Velour
Mod.Product NameUty.
VAnchor Gray Smooth
VAnchor Gray Velour
VCarbon Black Smooth
VCarbon Black Velour
101Cherry Velour
VDapple Gray
600Desert Sun Velour
600Desert Sun Smooth
VDurango Smooth
VDutch Gray Smooth
VDutch Gray Velour
VDutch Gray Matt
VEmpire Gray
VField Gray Smooth
VField Gray Velour
Mod.Product NameUty.
VGraystone Smooth
VGraystone Velour
VGraystone Matt
600Marigold Blend
VOyster Gray Smooth
VOyster Gray Velour
600Pago Velour
600Pago Matt
VPebblebrook Paversn/a
VQuaker Blend
VSea Gray Smooth
VSea Gray Velour
VSeal Brown Velour
600Sunglo Velour
600Sunglo Matt

Plant 8 Face Brick (Extruded)

Mod.Product NameUty.
VAcadia Smooth
VAcadia Velour
VAmherst Blend
Mod.Product NameUty.
600Beaver Bld. 73 Dart-tex
600Beaver Bld. 127 Dart-tex
VBismarck Blend
600Buckingham Clear
600Buckingham Full Range
VBurbank Clear
VBurbank Full Range
600Carolina Rose
VConcord Blend
VConcord Clear
VFrosted White
600Indian Red Clear
600Indian Full Range
600Jewel Blend
600Jewel Clear
Mod.Product NameUty.
VMayo Bld Full Range
VMayo Clear
VMidland Blend
VRagland Blendn/a
VRegal Blend
600Royalty Red Clear
600Rubigo Blend Velour
600Rubigo Red Smooth
600Rubigo Red Velour
VSt. Simon Blend
VTudor Blend

Plant 8 Belcrest Simulated - 8X Series

Mod.Product NameUty.
VBelcrest 500
VBelcrest 530
Mod.Product NameUty.
VBelcrest 560
VBelcrest 700
Mod.Product NameUty.
VBelcrest 730
VBelcrest 760

Plant 8 Clay Coated

Mod.Product Name
VDowning Black Velour
VEnglish Gray Velour
Mod.Product Name
VSherwood Gray Velour
VSmoky Gray Velour
Mod.Product Name
VTitanium Velour

Plant 8 (formerly Plant 9) Face Brick

Mod.Product Name
V505 Bark
V505 Vertical
V514 Bark
101No. 9 Blend
101No. 9 Blend Velour
101No. 9 Red Range
Mod.Product Name
VBoystown Blend
VHamilton Blend
VMadison Blend
VNassau Full Range
VNassau Medium Range
VNassau White
101Rainbow Blend
101Rainbow Reds
Mod.Product Name
VRevere Blend
VSilver Satin
VSilver Shadow
101Tulip Blend
101Tulip Reds

Plant 8 Tumbled

Mod.Product NameUty.
600Arlington Blend
VConcord Blend
Mod.Product NameUty.
600Indian Full Range
Mod.Product NameUty.
VTudor Blend

Abbreviations for Sure Klean:

  • 101 = 101 Lime Solvent
  • 600 = 600 Detergent
  • V = Vanatrol
  • SK = Safety Klean

When in doubt, Vanatrol can be used in most cases

NMD 80 from EaCo Chem can be used on all brick

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