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About Belden Brick

The Belden Brick Company, a long-standing pillar in the brick industry, is the largest family owned brick company in the United States. It is built on the principles of integrity, honesty, community, and service. Our company has grown since its founding in 1885, and upholds the traditions set forth by our early leaders, Henry S. Belden, and C.J. Diebold.

In 1914, the company expanded from Canton into Tuscarawas County when the Belden Face Brick Company, a personal venture of Henry S. Belden and later owned by The Belden Brick Company, was started. In 1946, the first venture in Sugarcreek occurred when the Finzer Brothers Clay Company agreed to sell their operations to The Belden Brick Company. Over time other existing operations were purchased in Sugarcreek and some new ones built from the ground up. Today, The Belden Brick Company owns and operates five brick making plants and one thin brick sawing facility, employs approximately 500 people and has an annual production capacity of nearly 250 million standard brick equivalent. Also, part of the family of companies are two brick distributorships, Belden Tri-State Building Materials based in New York and Belden Brick Sales in Michigan.

The company continues to provide leadership in the industry, as has been done since its earliest days. The Belden Brick Company strives to be The Standard of Comparison by ensuring that the business continues to provide its customers with high-quality products and service. The company is now led by the fourth generation of Beldens in Robert F. Belden, CEO and Chairman of the Board, and fifth generation members; Bradley H. Belden, President, Robert T. Belden, VP of Operations, Brian S. Belden, VP of Sales and Marketing, and John Streb, Corporate Compliance Manager. Family involvement and commitment have been the backbone of its longevity.

The Belden Brick Company continues to meet the changing needs of the construction market by creating new colors, sizes, textures, and special shapes. Belden Brick manufactures over 20 different sizes of face brick and clay pavers, more than 500 colors, 13 different textures and unlimited special shapes. The company positions itself to meet new challenges by continuously reinvesting in its physical plants, keeping up with technological advances, finding ways to allow its employees to be more productive, and being committed to maintaining the values and traditions of The Belden Brick Company.

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Bradley H. Belden
Chairman & CEO, Robert F. Belden
Robert F. Belden
Chairman & CEO
Vice President - Sales and Marketing
Brian Belden
Vice President
Sales & Marketing
Vice President- Operations, Robert Belden
Robert T. Belden
Vice President
Belden Brick Company Corporate Compliance Manager, John Streb
John Streb
Corporate Compliance