Belden Brick

Centennial Plaza

Canton, OH


MKSK Studios


Ed Schory & Son

Centennial Plaza offers a bold vision for the City of Canton, Ohio, and its residents. Inspired by the city’s rich history, the design establishes an iconic presence downtown, utilizing a variety of social spaces and architecture that will inspire residents for years to come. The project establishes a central green space for the community and a regional destination for visitors. It is an essential building block in creating a vibrant downtown with the ability to generate day-to-day activities and host major events, serve as the “city square” for the entire community, and provide a memorable landmark for all visitors.


Architectural and landscape architectural elements were designed to reflect Canton's principles, qualities, and characteristics. To build on the already strong sense of community and identity, the design team at MKSK utilized materials commonly found in Canton, including locally sourced brick, stone, and metal. Belden Clay Pavers were selected for the hardscape design due to The Belden Brick Company's strong commitment to the city and its ability to manufacture a premium clay paver that would reinforce the plaza's design aesthetic and vision.

The use of clay pavers was critical in achieving the goals outlined above. The long-term durability, color selections, and varied shapes of Belden Clay Pavers allowed MKSK’s design team great flexibility in reaching the final plan. They chose Carbon Black, Ivory Bay, and Landmark City Line Series Pavers to modernize the design and create visual continuity of existing hardscapes.

Our Architectural Shapes Department designed custom brick shapes for designated directional and bicyclist pavement markings. Our craftsmen carefully produced, then numerically organized, and packaged the installation's unique sizes and patterns to facilitate the installation as working functional pavers.

Designer: MKSK Studios
Contractor: Enviroscapes
Brick Distributor: Ed Schory & Son
Photography: Joe Albert Signature Photography, Ray-Stewart, The Belden Brick Company

2019 OCASLA Merit Award - Design Not Constructed: Canton Centennial Plaza - MKSK
2021 HNA Awards: Clay Brick - Commercial (Hardscape North America Awards)
2021 Brick in Architecture Award, Gold Winner – Paving & Landscaping

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