Belden Brick

Rowes Wharf Restoration

Boston, MA


Wessling Architects


Spaulding Brick Company, Inc.

The uniquely Bostonian Rowes Wharf development was designed to fit in with the fabric of historic Boston while adding to the architectural vocabulary of the city. Rowes Wharf connects with the texture of the city, restoring the urban fabric, contributing to the public realm, and establishing continuity with the traditional downtown.


The walkway was conceived as a public space that would connect the building sites and allow for full access to the water's edge. To emphasize the accessible nature of the development, a grand ramp connects the upper walkway with the lower waterfront walkway that circulates each finger pier building.

The tradition of finger piers continues at the development. Additionally, the ferry pavilion enhances public use and prolongs the viability of the waterfront as a public amenity. The private domain of hotel, residential, and commercial uses encloses a continuous habitable wall.

Designer: Wessling Architects
Brick Distributor: Spaulding Brick Company, Inc.
Photography: ©David Lamb Photography, Olson Photographic, LLC

2019 Brick in Architecture Award, Bronze Winner – Paving & Landscaping

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