Belden Brick

Lakeside Home with Custom Blend

Canton, OH


A. A. Luketic & Associates Inc.


Mathie Supply


Custom Blend
Polar White Clear
Yukon Blend

Perched in an idyllic residential community along the shores of a 150-acre lake, you’ll find the strikingly monochromatic contemporary lake house designed by A. A. Luketic & Associates. The home marries tranquillity and functionality to create an essence of luxury with custom features and finishes. Even though this residence, with its contemporary design, is different than its neighbors, the home speaks to its surroundings with everyday materiality, geometry, and scale.
Q: Why did you decide to build your new home?

We were fortunate to obtain a beautiful location on a lake. We have two wonderful views; to capture them, we needed to build a new home. The building experience was fantastic!

Q: What made you custom blend the face brick colors Polar White Clear and Yukon Blend as your exterior building material?

We were excited by the balance of light brick with pops of darker tones and the color the blends ultimately made together. We are extremely happy with the selection made with the help of the Belden team.

Q: How have The Belden Brick Company products helped to transform your home?

The brick blend is a core statement of the design and texture of our home, and it is the basis of everything we did externally and a little inside the house.

Q: Would you use The Belden Brick Company products again in the future?

Absolutely. An exceptional team helped us find the perfect brick for our home. We will recommend The Belden Brick Company to anyone who asks!

Q: What was your favorite/least favorite part of the process?

Our favorite part of the process was our builder and the many ideas he brought to the table as we built our home. He is fantastic! Our least favorite was the time it took to complete our project. We were very excited to get in, and we needed more patience!

Architect: A. A. Luketic & Associates, Inc.
Mason Contractor: Grapevine Masonry Construction, Inc.
Brick Distributor: Mathie Supply
Photography: Kaminski Studio, Todd Biss Productions

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