Chimney Liner Brick

Chemical Resistant Chimney Liner Brick

Today, chimney design and construction require more technical expertiese than they did only a few years ago. It is now increasingly important to predict lifetime operation conditions for new chimneys. Only by doing so can the chemical restance requirments as well as the structural and thermal requirements be met.

In this connection, a protective lining for the chimney is necessary to guard against the potentially harmful effects of fuel changes, reduction of load, installation of equipment that reduces combustion gas temperatures, intermittent operation, and the increasing use of "wet stack" FGD systems.

Belden Chimney Liner Brick provides a resistance to a variety of conditions ranging from wet saturated flue gas laden with sulfurous condensation at approximately 125°F to high concentrations of sulfuric acid at 250°F-325°F

Chemical Resistant Floor Brick

Belden Chimney Liner Brick provides a column lining that is not only less expensive than comparable liner systems but more durable. Furthermore, when installed correctly, liner repair costs with Belden Brick, are minimal. Existing Belden Brick liners have served many decades without need for significant maintenance.

Another advantage with Belden Chimney Liner Brick is that its corrosion resistance allows flexibility in the choice of fuels, and will not limit minimum temperatures within the chimney, or the use of the chimney under partial load.

Belden Chimney Liner Brick are available in both red shale and buff colored fireclay and meet ASTM C980, Types I and II. Selected from Belden Brick's own shale and clay deposits, the raw materials are carefully crushed and ground before being fired to temperatures of approximately 2000°F. The result is a very strong, dense brick with low absorption and high resistance to chemical attack. Individual units are wirecut on five sides to provide the best possible bonding surface. Both stretcher and header brick are custom-chamfered by Belden to the size specified by the designer for individual chimney liners to obtain tighter mortar joints and quicker construction.

Belden recommends that chimney liner brick be used only with chemical resitant mortar formulated for ongoing contact with corrosive gases. Morter manufacturers should be consulted for their recommendations in connection with chemical resistant chimney liner construction. For names and addresses of mortar manufacturers, please contact the Belden Brick Company at 330-456-0031.

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A Sampling of Belden Brick Stack Liner Installations
  • Columbus and Southern Electric Co./Division of AEP Conesville, OH
  • Ohio Power Company / Division of AEP Zanesville, OH
  • Indiana Electric Power Company Indianapolis, IN
  • Potomac Edison Company Baltimore, MD
  • Colorado Utility Electric Association. - Salt River Project Hayden, CO
  • Meade Paper Company Chillicothe, OH
  • United States Steel Corp. Gary, IN
  • TVA - Allen Station Memphis, TN
  • Great Lakes Steel Company Detroit, MI
  • TVA - Widows Creek Alabama