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Chemical Resistant Brick: Fire Clay Brick Shapes

One important advantage of fire clay brick is its low iron content. This characteristic makes fire clay brick preferable for textile mills and paper/pulp industries where processing chemicals can leach iron from the brick and cause color contamination. Accordingly, these brick are seen as contributing to end product integrity.

In addition, fire clay brick's buff coloration is more light reflective than red shale brick. This factor can sometimes be a factor in illumination planning. For review of the physical properties of Belden red shale chemical resistant brick, please refer to the Chemical Resistant Brick Properties page.

Fire Clay Chemical Resistant Brick Shapes

Chamfered double stretchers and headers are custom-chamfered in 1/16" increments to the size specified by the tank or vessel designer.

All standard stretcher units shown are furnished as either W-5 (wire cut on five (5) sides) or as S-3, scored on three (3) sides.
All standard shapes shown are furnished as wire cut units, six (6) sides.

Bullnose radius headers and stretchers are available in both single and double size units upon request.
Please contact The Belden Brick Company for availability: (330) 451-2031.