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Chemical Resistant Brick: Chimney Liner Brick Shapes

Chimney Liner Brick Shapes

Note: Total Chamfer (Ct) equals 2 x Ct is available in 1/16" increments only. Dimension lines designated as 'C' can be custom manufactured to the size specified by the designer for any chimney liner diameter desired. Dimension lines designated as 'L' can be custom manufactured to the size required up to and including 8"

All Belden Chemical Resistant Floor Brick are manufactured to conform to or exceed ASTM C980, and available in Type I or Typee II. Minimum requirements regarding the ASTM C980 specification standards are listed in the table below.

Properties TYPE I TYPE II Method of Test
Minimum Compressive Strenght Gross Area p.s.i.
(average of 10 brick)
8,500 10,000 ASTM Designation C-67, Section 10
Water Absorption Maximum % by 2 hr. Boiling Test (average of 10 brick) 6.0 4.0 ASTM Designation C-20, Section 10
Maximum Average Weight Loss by H2SO4 Boil Test % 20 12 ASTM Designation C-980 Section 6
Permissive Maximum Variation - Warpage Maximum Face and Diagonal Dimensions up to and incl. 9 1/2 in. (mm) 1/8(3.0) 1/8(3.0) ASTM Designation C-67 Section 12
Maximum Permissible Variations in Dimensions Between Largest and Smallest Brick in a Random Sampling of 10 Brick, %     ASTM Designation C-67 Section 11
Height 3 3  
Length 5 5  
Width 5 5  

Typical Physical Properties of Belden Shale and Fireclay Acid Resistant Brick Products
Property Test Standard Red Shale Buff Fireclay Reference
Bulk Density, lbs./cu. ft. ASTM C20 139-141 145-148 PSI (Professional Services Industries, Inc.)
Water Absorption % ASTM C20 3.14-3.46 3.22-3.55 PSI (Professional Services Industries, Inc.)
Solubility in Sufuric acid. Loss in Mass % ASTM C980 2.2-3.9 2.1-3.1 PSI (Professional Services Industries, Inc.)
Apparent Porosity % ASTM C20 7.42-8.06 7.76-8.51 PSI (Professional Services Industries, Inc.)
Apparent Specific Gravity, grams/cc ASTM C20 2.54-2.55 2.61-2.62 PSI (Professional Services Industries, Inc.)
Modulus of Rupture, p.s.i. ASTM C67 1900-3560 2210-2600 PSI (Professional Services Industries, Inc.)
Compressive Strength, p.s.i. ASTM C-67 21,390-22,650 21,060-23,600 PSI (Professional Services Industries, Inc.)
Tensile Strength, p.s.i. ASTM C-1006 3195-3390 1675-3285 PSI (Professional Services Industries, Inc.)
Modulus of Elasticity, p.s.i. ASTM C885 6.98-7.97x106 6.68-6.84x106 PSI (Professional Services Industries, Inc.)
Poisson's Ratio - .125-.193 .125-.127 PSI (Professional Services Industries, Inc.)
Coefficient of Expansion, in/in/°Fx10-6 - 4-5.5 2-3.5 Corrosion and Chemically Resistant Masonry(1)
Thermal Conductivity BTU-in/hr.-ft.2-°F ASTM C236 7-9 6-10 Corrosion and Chemically Resistant Masonry(1)
K Factor, BTU/sq. ft./in/hr. ASTM C177 8 9 Corrosion and Chemically Resistant Masonry(1)
(1) Corrosion and Chemically Resistant Masonry Materials Handbook by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr., P.E.B. Chem., M.S. C.C.R.M., Inc., 1986

The information provided above has been furnished as a general guide-line for the design of corrosion resistant construction. We cannot guarantee the data reported nor can we assume any liability in connection with its use. Please contact The Belden Brick Company for specific recommendations.